Biographies on Life of Captain James Cook

Biographies on Life of Captain James Cook

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Title: Captain James Cook : A Biography

James Cook, born in 1728, was one of the most celebrated men of his time, the last and the greatest of the romantic navigator/explorers. His voyages in the Royal Navy to the eastern and western seaboards of North America, the North and South Pacific, the Arctic, and the Antarctic brought a new understanding of the worlds geography and of the peoples, flora, and fauna of the lands he discovered.

Richard Hough's vivid narrative captures all the excitement of this age of discovery and establishes Cook as a link between the vague scientific speculations of the early eighteenth century and the industrial revolution to come. A pioneer in many fields, Cook produced maps of unprecedented accuracy; revolutionized the seaman's diet, all but eliminating scurvy; and exploded the myth of the Great Southern Continent imagined by earlier geographers and scientists.

Hough consulted numerous archives and traveled in Cook's wake from Alaska to Tasmania, visiting many of the Pacific islands—including the spot where Cook was stoned to death by cannibals in the Hawaiian archipelago—to produce a comprehensive and immensely readable biography, full of new insights into the life of one of the worlds greatest mariners.

This meticulous narrative captures an age of discovery and establishes Cook as a link between the vague scientific speculations of the 18th century and the industrial revolution to come. Includes an interesting new element is medical evidence that may explain Cook's strange behavior on his final voyage.

Author(s): Richard Hough
ISBN 13: 9780393315196
Pages: 436
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Title: The Journals of Captain Cook

A new one-volume abridged edition of Cook's famous journals—"a majestic story of epic proportions"(Philip Edwards in the Introduction)
Captain Cook's Journals provide his vivid first-hand account of three extraordinary expeditions between 1768 and 1779. These charted the entire coast of New Zealand and the east coast of Australia and brought back detailed descriptions of Tahiti, Tonga, and a host of previously unknown islands in the Pacific including the Hawaiian Islands. The journals amply reveal the determination, courage, and skill that enabled Cook to wrestle with the continuous dangers of uncharted seas and the problems of achieving a relationship with the peoples whose unannounced guest he became. This edition, abridged from the definitive four-volume Hakluyt Society edition, makes Cook's inimitable personal account of his years of voyaging widely accessible for the first time and includes an Introduction to each voyage, a Glossary of unusual words, indexes of people and places, and a Postscript assessing the controversy surrounding Cook's death.

Selected and Edited with Introductions by Philip Edwards

Born in Yorkshire, England, James Cook (1728-1779) joined the navy in 1755. His expeditions to the Pacific did more than any other navigations to add to our knowledge of the area. He was killed by local inhabitants in Hawaii.

Philip Edwards is Emeritus Professor of English at Liverpool University and the author of Last Voyages: Cavendish, Hudson, Ralegh and The Story of the Voyage: Sea Narratives in Eighteenth-Century England.

Author(s): James R. Cook
ISBN 13: 9780140436471
Pages: 672
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Title: Farther Than Any Man: The Rise and Fall of Captain James Cook

<p>In the annals of seafaring and exploration, there is one name that immediately evokes visions of the open ocean, billowing sails, visiting strange, exotic lands previously uncharted, and civilizations never before encountered — Captain James Cook.</p> <p>This is the true story of a legendary man and explorer. Noted modern-day adventurer Martin Dugard, using James Cook's personal journals, strips away the myths surrounding Cook's life and portrays his tremendous ambition, intellect, and sheer hardheadedness to rise through the ranks of the Royal Navy — and by his courageous exploits become one of the most enduring figures in naval history.</p> <p> Full or realistic action, lush descriptions of places and events, and fascinating historical characters such as King George III and the soon-to-be-notorious Master William Bligh, Dugard's gripping account of the life and death of Captain James Cook is a thrilling story of a discoverer hell-bent on going farther than any man.</p>
Author(s): Martin Dugard
ISBN 13: 9780743400695
Pages: 304
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Title: Captain James Cook

Captain James Cook: The Life and Legacy of the Legendary British Explorer Who Discovered Hawaii chronicles the historic expeditions that Cook made across the Pacific, and his climactic discoveries and death.
Author(s): Charles River Charles River Editors
ISBN 13: 9781533263452
Pages: 50
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Title: The Life of Captain James Cook

The culmination of the life work of the most distinguished historian of Pacific exploration, this lavishly illustrated biography places Cook in the context of his times and affirms his eminence in the history of maritime discovery.
Author(s): J. Beaglehole
ISBN 13: 9780804720090
Pages: 772
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Title: Fifty Years On The Old Frontier

The keen-eyed, cool-headed, and fearless men (Kit Carson, Jim Bridger, Buffalo Bill Cody, Big Foot Wallace, and Captain Jim Cook, among others) who were pivotal personalities for more than half a century in the almost ceaseless task of clearing the way for and guarding the lives and properties of explorers, emigrants, and settlers in the West, are an extinct type of pioneer, Accounts of the heroic deeds of this handful of men, however, remain today as indelible records that dramatize the melting away of this country’s vast frontiers.

Author(s): James H. Cook
ISBN 13: 9780806117614
Pages: 322
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Title: The Life of Captain James Cook (Paperback)

Author(s): Arthur Kitson
ISBN 13: 9781438520346
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Title: The Voyages of Captain Cook

Author(s): James Cook
ISBN 13: 9781840221008
Pages: 496
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Title: Cook: The Extraordinary Sea Voyages of Captain James Cook

Author(s): Nicholas Thomas
ISBN 13: 9780802777119
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