Biographies on English Writer, philosopher, statesman, and scientist Francis Bacon

Biographies on English Writer, philosopher, statesman, and scientist Francis Bacon

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Title: Winding Stair: Francis Bacon, His Rise and Fall

"All rising to great place is by a winding stair,Ē wrote Sir Francis Bacon. It wasnít until he was 45 that Baconís feet found the first step on that staircase, when King James I made him Solicitor-General, from where he rose through the ranks to become Lord Chancellor. Many accounts of the life of Sir Francis Bacon have been written for scholars, but du Maurierís aim was to paint a vivid portrait of this remarkable man for the common reader. In The Winding Stair, she illuminates the considerable achievements of this Renaissance man as a writer, lawyer, philosopher, scientist, and politician. Dame Daphne du Maurier wrote more than 25 acclaimed novels, short stories, and plays, including Rebecca and The House on the Strand. She was also a passionate and skillful biographer.

Author(s): Daphne du Maurier
ISBN 13: 9781844080748
Pages: 256
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Title: Francis Bacon - The Double-Edged Life of the Philosopher and Statesman

Author(s): Robert P. Ellis
ISBN 13: 9780786497270
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Title: The Mystery of Francis Bacon

Is there a mystery connected with the life of Francis Bacon? The average student of history or literature will unhesitatingly reply in the negative, perhaps qualifying his answer by adding:--Unless it be a mystery that a man with such magnificent intellectual attainments could have fallen so low as to prove a faithless friend to a generous benefactor in the hour of his trial, and, upon being raised to one of the highest positions of honour and influence in the State, to become a corrupt public servant and a receiver of bribes to pervert justice.--It is one of the most remarkable circumstances to be found in the history of any country that a man admittedly pre-eminent in his intellectual powers, spoken of by his contemporaries in the highest terms for his virtues and his goodness, should, in subsequent ages, be held up to obloquy and scorn and seldom be referred to except as an example of a corrupt judge, a standing warning to those who must take heed how they stand lest they fall. Truly the treatment which Francis Bacon has received confirms the truth of the aphorism, "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones."
Author(s): William Smedley
ISBN 13: 9781595477651
Pages: 148
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Title: Francis Bacon

Author(s): books#volumes totalItems: 1 items: [ { kind: books#volume id: SI25LCdcQZQC etag: C9cCpVRfj8M selfLink: volumeInfo: { title: Francis Bacon publisher: Forgotten
ISBN 13: 9781451003994
Pages: ooks#volumes"
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Title: Francis Bacon: Anatomy of an Enigma

Author(s): Michael Peppiatt
ISBN 13: 9781602397620
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Title: Francis Bacon : Painter of a Dark Vision

Francis Bacon, perhaps the last of the great painters of the human figure, portrayed the world as a place of theatrical drama in which the body took center stage, sensuous and terrible. A lifelong student of color, form, and brushwork, he created an art at once classical and modern, ordered and chaotic, in which human emotions and passions are imbedded within the harsh realities of the flesh. Who was Bacon? What in his life gave rise to his grand guignol vision of the world? Through photographs, interviews, the artist's own statements, and a multitude of paintings (including six gatefolds), this book offers a rich portrait of a modern master.
Author(s): Christopher Domino, Ruth Sharman
ISBN 13: 9780810928114
Pages: 136
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Title: Francis Bacon: The Temper of a Man

The portrait Bowen paints of this controversial man, Francis Bacon (1561-1626), balances the outward life and actions of Bacon with the seemingly contradictory aspects of his refined philosophical reflections. As Lord Chancellor of England, Bacon was impeached by Parliament for taking bribes in office, convicted, and banished from London and the law courts. In a prayer Bacon composed during the interval following his punishment, he reveals that the dichotomy of his existence was no more deeply felt than by himself, and he readily admits that his obligations to society were not as suited to his nature as the study of philosophy, science, and law. Modern scholars hold Bacon's philosophical works, Novum Organum, Advancement of Learning, and The New Atlantis, as his greatest achievements. Bowen's story reveals a man whose genius it was not to immerse himself in the rigor of scientific experimentation, but to realize what questions science should ask, and thereby reach beyond the status quo and appeal to the wider imagination of his generation. In his writings, Bacon challenged established social and religious orders, raised questions about the mind/body relation and the role of dreams, and foresaw the development of the modern research university. It is Bacon's legacy to have gone beyond his age and, out of pure intuition, anticipate the concerns of future generations.
Author(s): Catherine Bowen
ISBN 13: 9780823215386
Pages: 245
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Title: Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon (1561-1626), commonly regarded as one of the founders of the Scientific Revolution, exerted a powerful influence on the intellectual development of the modern world. He also led a remarkably varied and dramatic life as a philosopher, writer, lawyer, courtier, and statesman. Although there has been much recent scholarship on individual aspects of Bacon's career, Perez Zagorin's is the first work in many years to present a comprehensive account of the entire sweep of his thought and its enduring influence. Combining keen scholarly and psychological insights, Zagorin reveals Bacon as a man of genius, deep paradoxes, and pronounced flaws.

The book begins by sketching Bacon's complex personality and troubled public career. Zagorin shows that, despite his idealistic philosophy and rare intellectual gifts, Bacon's political life was marked by continual careerism in his efforts to achieve advancement. He follows Bacon's rise at court and describes his removal from his office as England's highest judge for taking bribes. Zagorin then examines Bacon's philosophy and theory of science in connection with his project for the promotion of scientific progress, which he called "The Great Instauration." He shows how Bacon's critical empiricism and attempt to develop a new method of discovery made a seminal contribution to the growth of science. He demonstrates Bacon's historic importance as a prophetic thinker, who, at the edge of the modern era, predicted that science would be used to prolong life, cure diseases, invent new materials, and create new weapons of destruction. Finally, the book examines Bacon's writings on such subjects as morals, politics, language, rhetoric, law, and history. Zagorin shows that Bacon was one of the great legal theorists of his day, an influential philosopher of language, and a penetrating historian.

Clearly and beautifully written, the book brings out the richness, scope, and greatness of Bacon's work and draws together the many, colorful threads of an extraordinarily brilliant and many-sided mind.

Author(s): Perez Zagorin
ISBN 13: 9780691009667
Pages: 312
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