Best Romance Novels of 2015 - List by The Washington Post™

Best Romance Novels of 2015

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Title: The Bollywood Bride

Ria and Vikram spent childhood summers together, a world away from Ria's exclusive boarding school in Mumbai. Their friendship grew seamlessly into love--until Ria made a shattering decision. As far as Vikram is concerned, Ria sold her soul for stardom and it's taken him years to rebuild his life. But beneath his pent-up anger, their bond remains unchanged. And now, among those who know her best, Ria may find the courage to face the secrets she's been guarding for everyone else's benefit--and a chance to stop acting and start living.
Author(s): Sonali Dev
ISBN 13: 9781617730153
Pages: 352
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Title: The Lady Hellion

A rabble rouser for justice, Sophie's latest mission is to fight for the rights of the poor, the wretched--and the employees at Madame Hartley's brothel. She's not concerned about the criminals who will cross her path, for Sophie has mastered the art of deception--including the art of wearing trousers. Now her fate is in her own hands, along with a loaded gun. All she needs is instruction on how to shoot it. But only one person can help her: Lord Quint, the man who broke her heart years ago. The man she won't let destroy her again...
Author(s): Joanna Shupe
ISBN 13: 9781420135565
Pages: 352
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Title: Playing with Fire

As the only female firefighter at Engine Co. 6, Alexandra Dempsey gets it from all sides: the male coworkers who think she cant do the job, the wives and girlfriends who see her as a threat to their firefighter men, and her overprotective foster brothers who want to shelter their baby sister at all costs. So when she single-handedly saves the life of Eli Cooper, Chicagos devastatingly handsome mayor, she assumes the respect shes longed for will finally come her way. But it seems Mr. Mayor has other ideas
Author(s): Kate Meader
ISBN 13: 9781476785929
Pages: 384
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Title: Serving Pleasure

Rana Malik is over being her family's resident black sheep. She's on a mission: ditch the casual hook-ups, revamp her bad-girl image, and fall in love with a proper Mr. Right even her conservative mama can't find fault with. Not on the menu? The beautiful, brooding Mr. Right Now who lives next door, and all the ways he whets her appetite.
Author(s): Alisha Rai
ISBN 13: 9781518710100
Pages: 342
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Title: Sustained

When youre a defense attorney in Washington, DC, you see firsthand how hard life can be, and that sometimes the only way to survive is to be harder. I, Jake Becker, have a reputation for being cold, callous, and intimidatingand that suits me just fine. In fact, its necessary when Im breaking down a witness on the stand.
Author(s): Emma Chase
ISBN 13: 9781501102073
Pages: 288
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