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9 Best Suspense Thriller Novels

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Title: The Likeness

Still traumatised by her brush with a psychopath, Detective Cassie Maddox transfers out of the Murder squad and starts a relationship with fellow detective Sam O'Neill. When he calls her to the scene of his new case, she is shocked to find that the murdered girl is her double. What's more, her ID shows she is Lexie Madison - the identity Cassie used, years ago, as an undercover detective. With no leads, no suspects and no clues to Lexie's real identity, Cassie's old boss spots the opportunity of a lifetime: send Cassie undercover in her place, to tempt the killer out of hiding to finish the job.
Author(s): Tana French
ISBN 13: 9780670018864
Pages: 466
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Title: Deadline

Its evening, youre back late from workand the house is in darkness. You step inside, and the phone rings. You answer itand your world is turned upside down. Your fourteen-year-old daughter has been taken, and her kidnappers want half a million pounds in cash. They give you 48 hours to raise the money. If you call the police, she will die. Trying desperately to remain calm, you realize that your husbandthe man you married two years agois also missing. But he cant be involved in your daughters abduction. Or can he? As the nightmare unravels, you can be certain of only two things: that you will do anything to get your daughter back alive and that time is running out.
Author(s): Simon Kernick
ISBN 13: 9780552156608
Pages: 488
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Title: The Cairo Diary

British-occupied Cairo, 1928: Several young children have disappeared and were then found, horribly mutilated, in the tombs just outside the city. Panic is spreading among the locals after a cloaked giant is sighted. Has a ghoul from One Thousand and One Nights been brought to life? British inspector Jeremy Matheson follows the trail of the monster, which takes him into the depths of underground Cairo, as well as deep into his own tortured past.
Author(s): Maxim Chattam
ISBN 13: 9780312360993
Pages: 340
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Title: Whiteout

Author(s): Ken Follett
ISBN 13: 9780525948438
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Title: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

An international publishing sensation, Stieg Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo combines murder mystery, family saga, love story, and financial intrigue into one satisfyingly complex and entertainingly atmospheric novel.
Author(s): Stieg Larsson
ISBN 13: 9780307269751
Pages: 465
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Title: In the Dark

Believing himself responsible for the deaths of a pregnant woman and her fianc during a shooting, Theo reluctantly follows his gang brother, Easy, on a string of increasingly lucrative and dangerous crimes as part of an effort to avoid ...
Author(s): Mark Billingham
ISBN 13: 9780061432736
Pages: 370
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Title: Shutter Island

Summer, 1954. U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels has come to Shutter Island, home of Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane.
Author(s): Dennis Lehane
ISBN 13: 9780688163174
Pages: 336
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Title: The Point of Rescue

Sally is watching the news with her husband when she hears a name she ought not to recognise: Mark Bretherick. Last year, a work trip Sally had planned was cancelled at the last minute. Desperate for a break from her busy life juggling work and a young family, Sally didn't tell her husband that the trip had fallen through. Instead, she booked a week off work and treated herself to a secret holiday. All she wanted was a bit of peace - some time to herself - but it didn't work out that way. Because Sally met a man - Mark Bretherick. All the details are the same: where he lives, his job, his wife Geraldine and daughter Lucy. Except that the man on the news is a man Sally has never seen before. And Geraldine and Lucy Bretherick are both dead ...
Author(s): Sophie Hannah
ISBN 13: 9780340933107
Pages: 457
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Title: Spook Country

Hollis Henry is a journalist on investigative assignment for a magazine called Node, which doesnt exist yet. Bobby Chombo apparently does exist, as a producer. But in his day job, Bobby is a troubleshooter for military navigation equipment. He refuses to sleep in the same place twice. He meets no one. Hollis Henry has been told to find him.
Author(s): William Gibson
ISBN 13: 9780425226711
Pages: 480
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