7 Great Indie Comic Books Series

7 Great Indie Comic Books Series

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Title: Channel Zero

Best known for his graphic narrative Channel Zero, Brian Wood also spent a year writing Mutant Teenagers from Marvel Comics' Generation X . He devoted four years previous to studying at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York City. A veteran designer from the Internet boom of the late nineties, Wood currently designs for the stylish and much-respected videogame publisher, Rockstar Games.
Author(s): Becky Cloonan
ISBN 13: 9781595829368
Pages: 296
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Title: A Night of Gatecrashing

But what begins as a routine night of gatecrashing turns into a life-threatening chase through the streets of the city as Hex finds herself trapped in a dangerous situation with only hours to save her patient and herself.The Palomar City ...
Author(s): Zachary Mortensen
ISBN 13: 9780990475521
Pages: ooks#volumes"
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Title: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Archie Comics' latest horror sensation starts here! For TEEN+ readers. Compiles the first six issues of the ongoing comic book series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
Author(s): Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
ISBN 13: 9781627389877
Pages: 176
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Title: The Underwater Welder

Equal parts blue-collar character study and mind-bending mystery, The Underwater Welder is a graphic novel about fathers and sons, birth and death, memory and reality, and the treasures we all bury deep below the surface.
Author(s): Jeff Lemire
ISBN 13: 9781603093927
Pages: 232
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Title: The Death

Conan and Bãelit's relationship is tested, first, by the inhospitable treatment Bãelit receives on a visit to Conan's homeland and next, by a rampant sickness that takes over their ship, the Tigress, afflicting everyone but Conan.
Author(s): Becky Cloonan Brian Wood Vasilis Lolos Declan Shalvey Dave Marshall
ISBN 13: 9781616551230
Pages: 152
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