10 Books on Porsche

10 Books on Porsche

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Title: 101 Projects for Your Porsche 911 (Motorbooks Workshop Series)

This all-color collection guides owners of pre-1990 Porsche 911s through 101 carefully selected, weekend projects illustrated with step-by-step, full-color studio photography. Divided into three categories-performance, handling, and customization-the projects range from 30-minute maintenance projects to eight-hour performance modifications; each is accompanied by a handy chart indicating how much skill, cash, and time are needed to successfully complete the task. Author Wayne Dempsey also explains why the jobs should be undertaken and what kind of improved performance the owner can expect. An unprecedented book, and a great resource for everyone from casual enthusiasts to shop pros.
Author(s): Wayne R. Dempsey
ISBN 13: 9780760308530
Pages: 240
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Title: Porsche 997 2004-2012

Carrying on Adrian Streather’s tradition of exemplary Porsche 911 technical guides, this book contains everything a 997 owner needs to know, plus a lot more.
Author(s): Adrian Streather
ISBN 13: 9781845846206
Pages: 704
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Title: Porsche Klassik 9

There is a new quality to be found in the world of automobile magazines: Porsche Klassik has been published by Delius Klasing for all enthusiasts of historical Porsches. With Porsche Klassik Delius Klasing publishes the ultimate magazine twice a year, with fascinating stories about the people and their machines each based around the legendary Porsche. The magazine dives into the history of the brand and its models and shows new perspectives from Porsche history. Porsche Klassik is produced in close collaboration with Porsche AG.
Author(s): Delius Klasing
ISBN 13: 9783667106759
Pages: 130
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Title: 101 Projects for Your Porsche 911 996 and 997 1998-2008

Author(s): Wayne R. Dempsey
ISBN 13: 9780760344033
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Title: Porsche High-Performance Driving Handbook

It’s been more than a decade since the first Porsche High Performance Driving Handbook set the standard for getting the most out of a Porsche. If driving techniques haven’t changed since then, technology definitely has. This book, by the world’s foremost expert, takes that new technology into account as it gives readers the latest information on how to drive a Porsche to its limit.

Once upon a time, the Can Am and Trans Am race series changed their rules because Vic Elford and his Porsches were winning too often. Here Quick Vic shares his insights into ride control systems, new tire compounds, and Tiptronic and Direct-Shift Gearbox transmissions, all of which have transformed the experience--and the challenge--of driving a Porsche.

As he discusses recent models, ranging from new generations of the 911 to the whole-cloth inventions of the Boxster, Cayenne, Cayman S and Carrera GT, modern images and historical photos immerse the reader in both the history and the evolving technology that Vic Elford knows like no one else.

Author(s): Vic Elford
ISBN 13: 9780760327548
Pages: 176
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Title: Porsche 356: The Engine Handbook: An Engine Assembly Guide

This book is for the novice and experienced restorer alike and written by one of the foremost 356 experts in America.
Author(s): Cole R. Scrogham
ISBN 13: 9781483443645
Pages: 98
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Title: Porsche 917 : The Winning Formula

The super-fast Porsche 917 dominated international motorsport in the early 1970s. Designed to win the world-famous Le Mans 24 Hours race, the 917 became the focus of obsessive ambition for all connected with its spectacular existence. Here, from a Porsche expert with unprecedented access to company records and the engineers involved, is the full story of the 917, which in 1997 was voted the world's greatest racing car. Includes coverage of 917 development, the 1970 Le Mans 917 win, the 1100bhp racers, and drivers Elford, Redman, Attwood and Bell describing racing in an era when mistakes could so often prove fatal. Must-have literature for your racing library!

Author(s): Peter Morgan
ISBN 13: 9781859606339
Pages: 208
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Title: Porsche 356 and RS Spyders

Author(s): Gordon Maltby
ISBN 13: 9780760309032
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