Unwanted Wedding

<p>Rosy Wyndham has a choice: find a husband in three months, or watch her family's beloved English estate, Queen's Meadow, fall into the hands of her father's cousin. But as impossible as it seems to find her soul mate in such a short period, Rosy knows that she can't bear losing Queen's Meadow. So now she needs a groom--any groom!</p> <p>Yet no one is more surprised than Rosy when entrepreneur and family friend Guard Jamieson steps up to the marital plate. Rosy realizes it's only a business deal, so why on earth does Guard insist they play the role of love-struck newlyweds?</p> <p>The charade is even starting to convince Rosy that her make-believe marriage could be more than just business...it could definitely be pleasure!</p>

Author(s): Penny Jordan  

ISBN 10: 1426814089
ISBN 13: 9781426814082
Pages: 192
Publication: 3/1/2008
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