The Water is Wide

<p>The island is nearly deserted, haunting, beautiful. Across a slip of ocean lies South Carolina. But for the handful of families on Yamacraw island, America is a world away. For years the people here lived proudly from the sea, but now its waters are not safe. Waste from industry threatens their very existence–unless, somehow, they can learn a new life. But they will learn nothing without someone to teach them, and their school has no teacher.</p> <p>Here is PAT CONROY’S extraordinary drama based on his own experience–the true story of a man who gave a year of his life to an island and the new life its people gave him.</p>

Author(s): Pat Conroy  

ISBN 10: 0553381571
ISBN 13: 9780553381573
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
Publication: March 2002
Edition: Reprinted Edition
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