The Partner

<p>#1 <i>NEW YORK TIMES</i> BESTSELLER</p> <p>Once he was a well-liked, well-paid young partner in a thriving Mississippi law firm. Then Patrick Lanigan stole ninety million dollars from his own firm—and ran for his life. For four years, he evaded men who were rich and powerful, and who would stop at nothing to find him. Then, inevitably, on the edge of the Brazilian jungle, they finally tracked him down.</p> <p>Now Patrick is coming home. And in the Mississippi city where it all began, an extraordinary trial is about to begin. As prosecutors circle like sharks, as Patrick’s lawyer prepares his defense, as Patrick’s lover prays for his deliverance and his former partners wait for their revenge, another story is about to emerge. Because Patrick Lanigan, the most reviled white-collar criminal of his time, knows something that no one else in the world knows. He knows the truth.</p> <p>From the master of courtroom drama comes the ultimate in suspense -- <i>The Partner</i>, John Grisham's new spellbinding novel. </p>

Author(s): John Grisham  

ISBN 10: 0345531957
ISBN 13: 9780345531957
Pages: 480
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Publication: 2/28/2012
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