Taking Up Serpents (Deep Web Thriller Series Book 3)

When Brody Taylor receives a ‘death letter’ from a fellow elite hacker, sent a week after his murder, its contents present Brody with an offer even he can’t refuse. With the investigation being led by his girlfriend, DI Jenny Price, Brody faces an unexpected personal and professional conflict of interest. Meanwhile, unaware of the victim’s true occupation, Jenny is stumped. How and why would a disabled Afghan War veteran be poisoned in his own home by one of the world’s most deadly snakes?

Working side by side, but with very different objectives, Brody and Jenny uncover a global cyberterrorist conspiracy. To prevent the cyberweapon from releasing its deadly payload, Brody realises he’ll need to lie to Jenny once again, knowing the truth will destroy their relationship. But with tens of thousands of innocent people scheduled to die within twenty-four hours, does he have any choice?

Forget nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. The modern-day weapon of mass destruction is digital. And we’re all at risk.

Author(s): Ian Sutherland  

Pages: 410
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