No More Bullies: For Those Who Wound or Are Wounded

<p>If you've ever been there, you've never forgotten how it feels. It's being undersized or oversized or less than beautiful. It's knowing you are vulnerable and that someone is ready to take advantage of your weakness. It's the fraternity you never wanted to join-the fellowship of the wounded spirit. And Frank Peretti is a member, too.</p> <p>In this powerful book, Frank Peretti shares his deeply personal story of growing up <i>different</i>, and the persecution he suffered because of it. And from this reservoir of memories he urges:</p> <ul class="noindent"> <li>those being abused to speak up and seek help</li> <li>those in authority to take notice- and action</li> <li>the "strong" kids to stand up and protect the weak- not prey upon them</li> <li>all of us to stop thinking of abuse as "normal" or as "kids being kids"</li> </ul> <p>This groundbreaking work shows how we all - bullies and victims alike - can find both healing and forgiveness from the anguish and torment associated with the growing epidemic of bullying.</p>

Author(s): Frank Peretti  

ISBN 10: 0849943361
ISBN 13: 9780849943362
Pages: 208
Format: Paperback
Publication: June 2003
Edition: Reprint
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