How to Find Your Perfect Golf Swing : Discovering How to Play Your Best

In this easy-to-follow, fully illustrated guide, Smith shows you how to hone your swing by customizing your practice, play, and equipment in the way that works best with your natural abilities and skill level. He walks you through his concepts for setting up and swinging and teaches you his proven practice techniques. From the initial positioning, to the backswing, to the moment of impact, Smith's suggestions are outlined in clear, concise language and enhanced with simple practice tips that will help you identify your personal weaknesses and polish your skills on your own time. What makes How to Find Your Perfect Golf Swing a truly valuable learning tool is the wealth of photographs and artwork that help relay more clearly Smith's instructional messages.

Author(s): Rick Smith  

ISBN 10: 0767901231
ISBN 13: 9780767901239
Pages: 188
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