Drop Dead Beautiful (Lucky Santangelo Series)

Like mother, like daughter. No truer words for Lucky Santangelo's sixteen-year-old Max, who goes looking for trouble when she hooks up with some guy she met on the Internet. Soon the beautiful, willful Max finds herself in deeper waters than she can imagine as she becomes a pawn in a greater scheme that leads back to Lucky and Billy Melina, the studly movie-star boyfriend of Lucky's best friend, superstar Venus.

If Max's troubles weren't enough, Lucky has her multi-billion-dollar Las Vegas hotel complex to contend with...along with Anthony Bonar, the illegitimate grandson of her one-time Godfather and lethal enemy, Enzio Bonnati. So begins a non-stop thrill ride as Lucky builds her dream resort—and gambles with all she holds dear. Max, too, is following her dreams, and as her high-flying triumphs prove, she's more than just a little Lucky.

Author(s): Jackie Collins  

ISBN 10: 0312937091
ISBN 13: 9780312937096
Pages: 512
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Publication: June 2008
Edition: ~
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