A Treasure Worth Seeking

<p><b>Erin Finds unexpected Love as She Searches for Her Long-Lost Brother</b></p> <p>Erin...After years of searching for the brother she'd never known, Erin O'Shea had finally found his San Francisco address. She stood on the doorstep, unaware that she was about to walk into a shocking drama of family lies—and to meet an intriguing, infuriating man who would change her life.</p> <p>Lance...He was a G-man for the government's toughest cases—like the big—money scan involving Erin's long-lost brother. But although Lance was immediately attracted to her, he never dreamed that his feelings would drive him to break every ruls in the book—and put his career and even Erin's future on the line.</p> <p>From The New York Times bestselling author of Breath of Scandal and French Silk comes a classic tale--one of Brown's most sought-after love stories. Beautiful Erin O'Shea is distressed to learn that her missing brother is a suspected embezzler. What's more, the handsome treasury agent investigating the crime thinks she's involved as well. Previous editions from Dell and Berkley. </p>

Author(s): Sandra Brown  

ISBN 10: 0446360732
ISBN 13: 9780446360739
Pages: 288
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Publication: September 1992
Edition: Reprint
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