Popular Books on James Madison fourth President of the United States

Popular Books on James Madison fourth President of the United States

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Title: The Madisons

Dolley and James Madison were America's original “power couple. “The nation’s most underrated Founding Father, James was everywhere in the early republic. He passed the nation’s first religious freedom law, and did more than any other man to draft and ratify our Constitution. Even today, judges parse each word of his Bill of Rights to determine the constitutionality of abortion, gun control, campaign finance reform, the death penalty, and other hot-button topics. After sparking the creation of the Federalist Party with his Constitution, he then revised his views and became the first leader of the Democratic-Republicans, pioneering the modern two-party system. Meanwhile, his wife Dolley became a major power broker in her own right, mastering unofficial channels and the politics of high society to become a vital unifying force—one that probably tipped the close presidential election of 1812. This groundbreaking joint biography traces James and Dolley’s lives apart as well as together, through war and peace, from the glories of ratification to the blunders of the 1807 embargo. Through Alexander Kennedy's intimate portraits of both husband and wife, we discover anew how these extraordinary individuals united their talents to shape and unify the fragile young nation. "It is one of my sources of happiness never to desire a knowledge of other people's business." - Dolley Madison Buy Now and Read the True Story of Dolley and James Madison... Thank you in advance for buying our book. We know you'll love it!
Author(s): Alexander Kennedy
ISBN 13: 9781535251723
Pages: 100
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Title: James Madison: A Biography

The best one volume biography of Madison’s life, Ketcham’s biography not only traces Madison’s career, it gives readers a sense of the man. As Madison said of his early years in Virginia under the study of Donald Robertson, who introduced him to thinkers like Montaigne and Montesquieu, "all that I have been in life I owe largely to that man." It also captures a side of Madison that is less rarely on display (including a portrait of the beautiful Dolley Madison).

University of Virginia Press

Author(s): Ralph Ketcham
ISBN 13: 9780813912653
Pages: 753
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Title: James Madison

This majestic new biography of James Madison explores the astonishing story of a man of vaunted modesty who audaciously changed the world.
Author(s): Lynne Cheney
ISBN 13: 9780143127031
Pages: 576
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Title: James Madison and the Making of America

In James Madison and the Making of America, historian Kevin Gutzman looks beyond the way James Madison is traditionally seen — as "The Father of the Constitution” — to find a more complex and sometimes contradictory portrait of this influential Founding Father and the ways in which he influenced the spirit of today's United States.  Instead of an idealized portrait of Madison, Gutzman treats readers to the flesh-and-blood story of a man who often performed his founding deeds in spite of himself: Madison’s fame rests on his participation in the writing of The Federalist Papers and his role in drafting the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Today, his contribution to those documents is largely misunderstood.  He thought that the Bill of Rights was unnecessary and insisted that it not be included in the Constitution, a document he found entirely inadequate and predicted would soon fail. Madison helped to create the first American political party, the first party to call itself “Republican”, but only after he had argued that political parties, in general, were harmful.  Madison served as Secretary of State and then as President during the early years of the United States and the War of 1812; however, the American foreign policy he implemented in 1801-1817 ultimately resulted in the British burning down the Capitol and the White House.  In so many ways, the contradictions both in Madison’s thinking and in the way he governed foreshadowed the conflicted state of our Union now.  His greatest legacy—the disestablishment of Virginia’s state church and adoption of the libertarian Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom—is often omitted from discussion of his career.  Yet, understanding the way in which Madison saw the relationship between the church and state is key to understanding the real man.  Kevin Gutzman's James Madison and the Making of America promises to become the standard biography of our fourth President.

Author(s): Kevin R. C. Gutzman
ISBN 13: 9781250023193
Pages: 464
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Title: The Last Founding Father: James Monroe and a Nation's Call to Greatness

In This Cripping Biography, award-winning author Harlow Giles Unger reveals the epic story of James Monroe (1758-1831)-the last of America's Founding Fathers-who transformed a small, fragile nation beset by enemies into a powerful empire stretching "from sea to shining sea."

Emerging from the battlefields of the Revolutionary War a decorated soldier, Monroe went on to serve America as its first full-time politician-a member of Congress, minister to France and Britain, governor of Virginia, secretary of state, secretary of war, and, finally, fifth president of the United States. Monroe took command of a nation nearly bankrupt, its people divided, its borders under attack, and its capital in ashes after the British invasion in the War of 1812. During two formative terms he rebuilt national defenses, expanded the military, extended national boundaries, and startled the world by proclaiming the landmark Monroe Doctrine, closing the Americas to foreign incursions and colonization. His leadership ushered in an "Era of Good Feelings" never seen before or since in American history. A superb read based on stellar scholarship, The Last Founding Father sheds light not only on the remarkable life of Monroe, but on a key chapter in the story of America. The result is an action-filled history in the grand tradition.

Author(s): Harlow Giles Unger
ISBN 13: 9780306819186
Pages: 400
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Title: James Madison and the Creation of The American Republic

In this biography, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jack Rakove examines the life and legacy of James Madison, one of the founding fathers of the United States.

Paperback, brief, and inexpensive, each of the titles in the Library of American Biography Series focuses on a figure whose actions and ideas significantly influenced the course of American history and national life. In addition, each biography relates the life of its subject to the broader themes and developments of the times.

Author(s): Jack Rakove
ISBN 13: 9780321430762
Pages: 288
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Title: James Madison

James Madison was born on March 16, 1751, at Port Conway, Virginia; he died at Montpellier, in that State, on June 28, 1836.
Author(s): Sydney Howard Gay
ISBN 13: 9781515135289
Pages: 182
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Title: James Madison

James Madison led one of the most influential and prolific lives in American history, and his story—although all too often overshadowed by his more celebrated contemporaries—is integral to that of the nation. Madison helped to shape our country as perhaps no other Founder: collaborating on the Federalist Papers and the Bill of Rights, resisting government overreach by assembling one of the nation’s first political parties (the Republicans, who became today’s Democrats), and taking to the battlefield during the War of 1812, becoming the last president to lead troops in combat.

In this penetrating biography, eminent historian Richard Brookhiser presents a vivid portrait of the “Father of the Constitution,” an accomplished yet humble statesman who nourished Americans’ fledgling liberty and vigorously defended the laws that have preserved it to this day.

Author(s): Richard Brookhiser
ISBN 13: 9780465063802
Pages: 304
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