Worth the Risk: PartnersThe Art of Deception

<p><i>Partners</i></p> <p>Matthew Bates had wanted Laurel Armand for years, but he was her professional nemesis, and the sultry Southern belle has always kept him at a safe distance. But when the rival reporters are forced to work together on a case of murder and madness down in steamy New Orleans, the sparks fly. Determined to get their story, Matt and Laurel find themselves in the path of a deranged killer, putting love and life on the line!</p> <p><i>The Art of Deception</i></p> <p>Supposedly he had come to her father's estate looking for respite. But was handsome Adam Haines really the man he pretended to be? Kirby Fairchild couldn't be sure. What she did know was that as the days and nights wore on, the attraction she felt for him was building, whether she'd wanted it to or not. Was she in danger of falling hard for a stranger who was even more practiced in the art of deception than she was?</p>

Author(s): Nora Roberts  

ISBN 10: 0373285833
ISBN 13: 9780373285839
Pages: 480
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Publication: November 2009
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