Benjamin Graham: The Memoirs of the Dean of Wall Street

When Benjamin Graham died in 1976 at age 82, he had achieved legendary status on Wall Street. He had laid the foundation of modern security analysis, inspiring legions of disciples and personally mentoring such up-and-comers as Warren Buffett (who went to work for Graham in 1954). Graham was widely regarded as brilliant, successful, and ethical, a rare trinity of attributes in the rough-and-tumble world of investing. In his later years, Graham wrote a memoir that looked back on the early, seminal decades of his colorful life. Twenty years after his death, this work is being published at last. Brimming with details that will captive investors and history buffs alike, these pages evoke one of the richest most eventful lives of the century. Graham weaves an eloquent tale of talent and good fortune, viewed against the dynamic backdrop of New York and Wall Street.

Author(s): Warren E. Buffett, Elaine G. Safer, Marjorie G. Janis, Benjamin Graham, Jr.  

ISBN 10: 0070242690
ISBN 13: 9780070242692
Pages: 351
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