Author Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is probably the greatest novelist England ever produced. His innate comic genius and shrewd depictions of Victorian life -- along with his memorable characters -- have made him beloved by readers the world over. In Dickens' books live some of the most repugnant villains in literature, as well as some of the most likeable (and unlikely) heroes.

Books written by Charles Dickens (28)

1. A Childs History of England
2. A Christmas Carol
3. A Christmas Carol: Slip-case Edition
4. A Round of Stories by the Christmas Fire
5. A Tale of Two Cities
6. A Tale of Two Cities
7. A Tale of Two Cities (Amazon Classics Edition)
8. A Tale of Two Cities (Vintage Editions)
9. Best Ghost Stories
10. Bleak House
11. Bleak House
12. David Copperfield
13. David Copperfield by Charles Dickens
14. Great Expectations
15. Great Expectations
16. Great Expectations
17. Great Expectations
18. Hard Times
19. Hard Times (Enriched Classic)
20. Hunted Down: "The Detective Stories"
21. Nicholas Nickleby
22. Night Walks
23. Oliver Twist
24. The Chimes
25. The Cricket on the Hearth
26. The Haunted House
27. The Letters of Charles Dickens, Volume 1
28. The Mystery of Edwin Drood